About us

Professional, Reliable, Specialists...

Years of experience in the specialist medical accountancy field mean that we will have most of the answers you will need at our fingertips. We offer a friendly, timely and efficient service designed to make your life easier by fitting in with the way you want to work.

These days that can mean getting online access to your accountant outside of normal working hours. We therefore offer a full Cloud based accounting system available to you wherever you are and whenever you have access to the internet.

Richard, Steve and their staff make up a highly professional team with extensive experience of dealing with all aspects of both NHS and private medical accounting.

With over 90% of our clients coming from the medical and dental profession, new clients often come to us through the personal recommendation of existing clients. Many other accountants (including medical specialist accountants) often promise the earth. They are ‘better, bigger and more up-to-date’ than anyone else. We choose not to make such claims but believe that the opinions of our existing clients will always be our best advert.

After all, a personal service needs a personal introduction.

If you want to find out more about the services we offer or to be put in touch with someone who can vouch for the quality of the service we provide then please give us a call on 01202 606970, or email us at office@hilldean.com.